Fastwalkers caught on tape over Melbourne, Australia 26-Nov-2013

Latest UFO sightings – New video of a fastwalkers flying across the sky above Melbourne in Australia. This one was taken on 26th November 2013.
Witness report: Recorded with a p8079hp Nightvision tube above Melbourne Australia (Moonee Ponds)
Something weird about this. – Birds? – I don’t think so.
Author (U.F.O.Lou @ youtube)

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  1. We will probably never know for sure, but some day the Gov will slip up and then we will get the truth, they have been hiding for years.

  2. They are not birds that's for sure.. and I would say they know that we are aware of them now.. the government will never tell us the truth.. and I mean NEVER.. the little buggers will have to show themselves to us first..

  3. I have seen similar flying very high over the dark skies of Cornwall uk…they are incredibly smooth in their propulsion, and faster than any aircraft I have ever seen.

  4. Obviously not birds as they are leaving a heat trail.Very interesting.<br />As to &#39;them &#39; knowing we are aware of them. I think you are right.<br />I felt as though someone was watching me one night, when I was walking to my house. I turned and looked around. Venus caught my eye, then I thought that it couldn&#39;t be Venus as it was in the wrong place. So I facetiously waved at it, and

  5. The addition of weird sounding music lends no credence to any U.F.O. video. Put a lid on the sound affects if you want people to take you seriously…

  6. Nothing in this video convinces me that they are not birds. Surely, nothing in this video convinces me that they are alien spacecraft.

  7. I know it&#39;s easy to slam the government for keeping it all a secret, but perhaps, just perhaps, they are keeping it secret because the truth is too terrible. Perhaps they are buying us time.

  8. I saw a weird thing fly over m when I was 11-12. My older brother saw it too. It was a blunt ended triangle with small red lights on the tips and I think some smaller lights. It was fast, completely silent and pretty low. Might be unrelated but earlier that same year we also say an orange explosion in the sky one night. I was facing away from it and I saw an orange glow on the street and turned

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