Interesting UFO video recorded in Fayetteville, North Carolina 8-Nov-2013

New footage of an unknown lights flying over Fayetteville, North Carolina. This was taken on Friday, 8th November 2013.
Witness report: First looks like comet falling from sky then lights appeared in formation

Author (2013z @ youtube)


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  1. I live in Fuquay-Varina NC. About 50 miles from Fayetteville I saw something very similar to this at about 4 am, when taking my dog outside to use the bathroom. It made no noise and no FAA lights. It was very low in the sky as well. I watched for about 30 seconds before all three vanished at the same time.

  2. "Comet falling from the sky". Always wondered if anyone that visits these sights knows any basic astronomy beyond earth, sun , moon, stars or something they heard on Star Trek.

    • no. alot of people do not know basic astronomy. they will say these things because they are afraid or just don't know diddly squat.

    • Well it's obvious from your comment that you don't know anything about astronomy. First of all, comets don't fall from the sky, comets orbit the Sun. Secondly there are 3 objects in this video, seeing one comet is very rare, and you usually need a telescope or binoculars to see them. Thirdly, if it was anything falling to earth, they would just be a streak for a split second, like

    • flares. every flare i've ever seen has shot straight up and then come straight down. i've never seen them hang, then spin around, or move horizontally and then backwards like these ones do. the flare theory is out.

  3. That is awesome. I caught something similar to this last fall just North of Waco TX but the orbs were shades of blue. Thanks for sharing

  4. Well its spooky… The way these lights have a huge tail as they move and zig zag just before they disapear. Again showing up in a three point formation. Ok then…What is there message and what is going on with these orbs showing up everywhere?

    • have you ever seen flares, military or not ? I did and those look and move exactly like flares, so please we all believers r looking for evidences but we should be also very critic

  5. These look eerily similar to the so-called &quot;Phoenix lights&quot; that appeared over Phoenix in March of 1997. Unfortunately for UFO enthusiasts, those lights or nothing more than flares being dropped by airplanes.<br /><br />Nothing to look at here. Move along.

  6. Well whats really spooky is some of you folks think these are flares..After being involved involved with aviation for over 35 years I have not seen any such flares operate like these. Flares do not hold a suspended formation and they sure the hell dont zigzag …Oh yea and all the flares I have seen launched from the ground and from air leave a hell of alot of smoke…Period. And another fact is

    • i am glad you are here with your aviation knowledge! when people don&#39;t know what they&#39;re seeing they will say all kinds of impossible things. of course even people like us who have seen ufos don&#39;t know what we&#39;re seeing! but yes these are so not flares. stick around, Cripes.

  7. Well said,Flares dont do this. We always get these kind of coments from people who have never seen a real ufo. This is some of the best footage ive seen in a long time.


  9. I think I posted a while back that these are more than likely flares dropped from a helicopter. Ft Bragg is right there and they conduct training all the time and night is no different, illumination can be delivered by Helicopter by phosphorous flares, or Artillery illumination rounds. They last sometimes up to 10 minutes it depends on the charge. This vid you can see faint lights leaving the

  10. My family saw this also its hard for me to believe its flares when they moved sideways up and down they would go beside each other then move across they sky very fast then rejoin in line! I saw it the last week in November 2013 we were getting our tree from Lowes! Very scary !

  11. My family saw this the last week of November 2013 we went to lowes to get our tree and I am sorry I have lived in NC for 49 years and flares do not move up and down side ways in circles! We watched it for about an hour it made no noise and was near the Fayetteville airport ! 4 moved then 5 showed up then it went to 3 in formation then it was gone! I know what flares look like I have worked on

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