NEW! Ancient Aliens: Emperors, Kings and Pharaohs S06E07

Ancient Aliens – Emperors, Kings and Pharaohs
History Channel, Season 6, Episode 7
8th November 2013

Powerful monarchs ruling by divine right. Centuries-old dynasties amassing enormous wealth. And legendary leaders wielding powerful weapons of mass destruction. Is it possible that ancient rulers were, in fact, connected with divine or, some would say, extraterrestrial forces? And, if so, what was their purpose? Ancient emperors, kings, and pharaohs were often attributed with otherworldly strength, ability, and wisdom; many were even considered gods by the people they ruled. Who were these exceptional leaders, and how did some accomplish so much in their time? Ancient Astronaut theorists believe that these great rulers throughout history were “chosen” and guided by extraterrestrials. Is it possible that the world’s legendary leaders might have shared a common genetic trait? A so-called, “leadership gene”? And might this gene have been–not a product of genetic evolution–but inherited by mankind from some otherworldly source?

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  1. In my opinion there was a reason for the Great Flood of the Bible; it was to cleanse the human population of a corrupt blood line that was influenced by alien and or demonic corruption. All these so called advanced civilizations of the past were stone building heathens who sacrificed men, women and children on their alters of blood for their so called gods and false religions. There is only

  2. Interesting, but when it comes to the sacrificed of humans that is the part that’s uneasy to grasp. What will, a so called advanced civilization get in all this blood shed. No matter how, humans have made it all the way here and still are in many ways just as barbaric.

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