Michigan Security Camera Nabs Bizarre Color-Shifting UFO

TV news report about the recent UFO sightings over Southeast Michigan.

Read more:
Interesting UFO video recorded over Southeast Michigan 2-Oct-2013
Another amazing UFO sighting above Southeast Michigan 12-Oct-2013

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  1. I saw the light on the trees below in this footage. The agent who called it 2 dimensional, tries to insult our intelligence.<br />

  2. skeptics are skeptics because like a famous jack nicholson quote… &quot;YOU CAN&#39;T HANDLE THE TRUTH!&quot;. some people are wired not believe anything unless they can see it for themselves. <br />the agent that says the object conveniently stopped before passing behind trees. making it a hoax. #1; the object DOES move back and in front of trees, just that it hovers over them. evident by the

  3. If we&#39;ve got aliens incoming from another planet they&#39;ve got to be a bunch of Slack Jaws who get their jollies putting on light shows, hav&#39;nt got the guts to contact us face to face. More advanced than we are ? Maybe technologically, but apparently their momma never gave them lessons in courtesy. Take your light shows elsewhere fellas we have our own fireworks. Bunch a Slackers.

  4. They called an FBI agent for his opinion, why did they need to call anyone. The media may tell a story about a UFO sighting but will always have someone as a Debunker to say something negative about the sighting. When will they stop the scripted response/cover-up practices and do some real reporting on these sightings?

  5. If you watch the original, much longer video, and really slow it down, there appears to be something beaming down into the garden. In some shots, it even appears that some sort of beings are visible, though the footage is not crystal clear. Watch the original, slow it down and freeze frame. Very interesting.

  6. If you watch the original and much longer video, it appears that something beams down into the garden.Concentrate on the beams. Slow it right down and freeze frame and it is possible to make out some sort of life form. This is definitely one of the most impressive videos I have seen. Very interesting.

    • Why don&#39;t you go and play with your helicopter instead of making stupid remarks about what you think this thing is. Catch a wake up !

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