Two videos of a UFO activity above Bayern, Germany 11-Nov-2013

These two videos were recorded in the night sky above Bayern, Germany on Monday, 11th November 2013.
What is your opinion about these UFOs? Please leave your comment below!

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  1. nothing like watching an interesting ufo video with a gigantic copyright banner splashed across one fourth of the screen. yup, real professional. make it smaller and see through please.

  2. the triangle formation seems quite prevelant in ufos & our earthly pyramids bermuda triangle devils triangle its all universal astronomy the illuminati have a triangle in there signs ? triangle type crop circles beyond our scientists comprehension .

  3. Yup I want to confirm this as living in Bayern. THey fly regurlarly over the hills here, if you have the Spacejunk app on your Iphone you can identify them from teh sky position

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