Multiple videos of a UFO activity above Tomball, Texas 8-Nov-2013

Latest UFO sightings – Four videos recorded by a different witnesses about this strange UFO sighting above Tomball in Texas. This happened on Friday, 8th November 2013.

Witness report: We can’t explain this at 8:28 PM CST. My husband and I saw this in the sky over the entrance to our neighborhood. I am facing west toward Tomball, Texas. Houston IAH Airport is located Southeast of where I am standing. We do have a Private Jet airport located Southwest of where I am standing. There are 2 video’s one that is 10 seconds long and 1 that is 4 seconds long both taken with my iphone 5C. We’d LOVE to know what this is. Mercury Retrograde?

Author (Kellie Ranum-Copeland @ youtube)

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  1. mercury retrograde?! do you even know what you are saying when you say that? anyways, they look like helicopters hovering around.

  2. More twinkling lights, these fellas must think we need the entertainment. If that's all you've got to offer take your lights with you to a black hole and yell Geronimo you slack jaws.

  3. Skydivers from the Tomball vs Tomball memorial football game. Multiple times they jumped with lights on them for identification.

    • that sounds like exactly what it is! i don't get how they hovered together all at one point but thank you for your explanation.

  4. Skydivers, they have some high tech chutes now that basically allow you to ride the air foils, and stay up a long time, sometimes even climbing a bit.

  5. well done for bringing this to us, ignore the rude people, there the ones that need to get a life if all they can do is slag people down. you wanted to know what they were and received possible answers, but if it happens again let us know, especially if you've found out weather they were these skydivers or not.

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