VIDEO: Triangle formation over Amsterdam, Netherlands 8-Nov-2013

UFO sightings – New footage of a bright unidentified flying objects flying across the sky above Amsterdam in Netherlands. This was taken on Friday, 8th November 2013.

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  1. WOW. Awesome! I especially like how, as they are disappearing, you capture a holographic disturbance in the clouds. You don't see that during evening sightings. We saw similar lights in the late evening last night – near San Francisco, CA, USA.

  2. This is a Great video. It's nice to see good videos coming out finally. I have mentioned before, it's My belief. That, the sightings are now going to continue. To be for Large groups to see these objects. To let us know, We are Not alone in the Cosmos…., 2014/14/11

  3. Mmmmmm un video muy extraño, me quedan algunas dudas, más como esas luces se apagan al mismo tiempo, como si estuviesen conectadas. He visto otros triángulos y con ellos no sucedía lo que sucede en este caso. I can´t say if it´s a fake or not. Sorry.

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