VIDEO: UFO passes over-stops at oil-gas refinery in Netherlands 17-Oct-2013

A video of a bright object recorded in Netherlands on 17th October 2013.

Witness report: A bright white Orb UFO passes overhead an Oil&Gas refinery in the Netherlands! the object slows then speeds up before slowing down again, there is a daylight pic at the start which shows that area of view! Witness Statement: This was recorded on 17th, from the oil gas platform , in netherlands, very bright light crossing the sky , the magnitud like jupiter planet .

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  1. Anyone who thinks its impossible for other life out there to visit is really dumb. Were not alone people and everything you have ever learned is all bs. Its what the lieing government wants u to know…. Think outside the tiny lol box called your brain…

  2. clear sky , satelite fest in the Netherlands. every 15 / 20 minuutes<br />i&#39;ve seen these things a thousand times , only i dont get the stopping part.<br />

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