Australian UFO Sighting Video in a Melbourne Suburb

A video of four bright objects slowly moving across the sky of Cranbourne, Australia has been making rounds in the internet since the first week of December 2013. YouTube user ShamlessAusMusic posted the video to the video sharing site saying in the description that it is a UFO sighting on 2nd of December 2013 in the sky of Cranbourne, Victoria, Australia.

ShamlessAusMusic also mentions in the description that they pulled over at around 9PM to record their sighting of four lights hovering around the sky. All of the UFOs were very close to the ground and then disappeared, according to the description. ShamlessAusMusic also notes that these mysterious lights did not do much but were amazing to watch.

Four lights initially moving slowly in similar path at different speeds. One light eventually fades out and two appear to hover while the other one moves off in a different path as the video ends.

Herald Sun newspaper asked Perry Vlahos, president of not far away Mt. Burnett Observatory, on his opinion about the video. Vlahos told them that it is very hard to determine the reality basing only the footage without seeing first-hand. But he guaranteed that they were not extra-terrestrials.

Vlahos said that there’s a possibility the lights could be satellites, lanterns, aircraft, international space station, or police helicopter.

Since there were four lights, Venus is not a possibility. Given that the lights were below the clouds, satellites or the international space stations could also be ruled out.

While Vlahos pointed out police helicopters that have strong search lights as a possible explanation of the four lights, his best guess was ceremonial lanterns or often called Chinese Lanterns. He explained that these lanterns would float up for a period of time and disappear when the candles go out.

He further explained that people sometimes put a candle inside a paper lantern and the heat carries it up into the sky since it’s very light. Chinese Lanterns often used in Asian ceremonial exercise.

The lights in the video seem to move like Chinese Lanterns but they’re not moving like typical lanterns as they move in different directions. Ceremonial lanterns typically move in similar direction as they move with the air currents.

What do you think? Chinese Lanterns or a real Australian mysterious UFO activity?

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  1. why doesn't someone aim a laser beam at these UFO's see what kind of response they get? Chinese lanterns? I agree totally and I do beleive 100% in ufo and aliens etc but get real some of these sightings are so B.S.!

  2. Probably lanterns. They dont display any movement or control beyond explaination. So we have to say 'no'. A good example of an explainable clip.

  3. It's possible that the air currents were moving in different directions causing the lanterns to move accordingly, one of them burned out and another seemed to be starting to. I've seen a similar video where they seemed to last a lot longer than regular lanterns, I think they're using a longer burning fuel source to get this effect.

  4. tell george hurry up there fading oh shucks video run out ?could we have true ufo images on video please this site is becoming stagnant lol

  5. You'd reckon with all these modern cameras, hi def devices we could get a really clear video capture of these mythical mind altering images, but no!

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