A Woman Spotted and Filmed Aerial Object in West Yorkshire City of Leeds

On Sunday, November 24, 2013, a woman claimed to have recorded a cell phone video of a UFO in England.

The witness was waiting for a train in the West Yorkshire city of Leeds when suddenly an aerial object caught her attention. The mobile phone video shows a bright object that moves acrobatically in the night sky. The UFO, which is moving slowly without a sound, has white glowing light with occasional and sudden changes to blue.

In a report by Yorkshire Post, the video was sent to Gary Heseltine, editor of UFO Truth Magazine and also a former police detective. Heseltine ruled out aircraft, micro light or helicopter as possible identity of the mysterious object or light. He also dismissed the possibility of atmospheric or astronomical origin, but suggested more analysis on the matter.

Heseltine sent the video to the media in hopes to find other witnesses. Some think that the mysterious light in the video is a moth fluttering near the lamp in the street. There are also who believe that it is a remote-controlled airplane equipped with LED lights based on its movements. RC aircraft with lights is quite common recently to fly during night.

Hopefully, the idea to release the video to the media by Heseltine will get additional witnesses who can identify the object or light in the video.

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  1. yes indeed-this is a remote-controlled whatever..instead of a unidentified flying object-it is now "identified"…it doesn't take a rocket scientist to observe such radical behavior & know that intelligent ets wouldn't do this…

  2. That's a bug flying around the lamp post. It flies up near the light and then back down again. It's most likely a moth attracted to the light.

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