Compilation of Significant UFO Audio Clips Dating Back to the 40s Is Now Readily Available to the Public

UFO enthusiasts and open-minded people were very thrilled to know that a historic UFO audio archive has been made available online. The audio archive, which was compiled by Wendy Connors and Roderick Dyke, records in detail the beginning of the modern UFO era. It was rediscovered by Isaac Koi and Giuliano Marinkovic, the same people who made it available online.Connors, who spent her life after retirement in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was working for many years in the U.S. Air Force in communication department. She had interest in Air Force’s official investigations of UFOs. Connors was one of the founding members of the Project Sign Historical Group, which gathered people who were related to the UFO investigation program of the U.S. Air Force.

Wendy Connors

For many years, Connors compiled audio clips from some of the most notable interviews of the time. She called her project “Faded Discs,” which included key information about the UFO from researchers and administrators of UFO investigation projects of the Air Force. Comments from other notable people such as presidents, actors and astronauts can also be heard in the audio files. The audio was remastered by Connors for future generations to access it.

An interview with pilot Kenneth Arnold is featured on the clip. Arnold’s UFO sighting was one of the reasons Air Force went on to conduct UFO research. Also included in the clip are comments from astronomer J. Allen Hynek, who was once the leading debunker on UFO reports but later advocated for comprehensive scientific research on the subject.

There are stories from military witnesses and some of the people who had key roles with significant early cases. UFO subject was taken very serious when it first caught public attention. Very credible people were having serious civil debates about the phenomenon and some of those debates can be heard in the files.

Marinkovic and Koi collaborated to find and compile UFO files for many years. Their compilation then distributed among UFO researchers. According to Marinkovic, it took him many years just to find all audio clips of Connors’ Faded Disc compilations.

The fascinating and informative files can be found at

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