Daytime UFO activity in the sky above Costa Mesa, California – November 2013

UFO videos – This daytime footage of a bright UFOs and orbs flying in above Costa Mesa, a city in Orange County, California was recorded in late November 2013.

Witness report: Filmed these objects from my porch in Costa Mesa CA. I saw what appeared to be a metal ball hovering outside. The object floated fairly stationary before descending. At 0:28 a black ufo orb floats into frame and cruises south. Slow motion and digital zoom applied. At 0:59 is a morphing ufo I barely caught before it went out of range. I didn’t have my normal camera so the resolution is lower than normal but there’s unique behavior so I decided to post. If you look at the still picture at 0:55 it looks like a possible ET pilot.

Author (infamousfanclub @ youtube)

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  1. Balloons. The one falling went too high in the atmosphere and burst. The beginning of the video is so obvious with the tether of the balloon swaying back and forth. Nothing to see here.

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