David Marler’s Recent UFO Book Now Widely Available

If you happen to live or visit southeast Missouri and seen something unexplainable in the skies, then you’re not alone. Albuquerque, New Mexico resident David Marler, UFO investigator and author, says that the place has long been known as UFO hotspot. He was only a 5-year-old boy living in southern Illinois when he first spotted a UFO in Piedmont.

Marler recalled what had happened on February 21, 1973. Coach of Piedmont basketball team together with five team members spotted a strange rotation of lights in the sky as their vehicle was winding across the hilly roads. They continued to go to their destination while seeing the lights from time to time. When they started to leave the highway under Piedmont jurisdiction, Marler said they saw similar series of lights but only this time, they clearly saw that the lights were apparently attached to an object hovering above the field.

Out of their curiosity, they pulled over to get a better look of the strange illuminated object. As they get a better position to see the hovering object, Marler said they could make out rotating white, amber, green and red lights. The witnesses estimated the mysterious object to be less than 200 yards away and around 50 feet off the ground. The lights stayed in their view for 10 minutes before the object ascended at an angle and vanished over a ridge. The incident started the series of other UFO sightings in Piedmont.

So how this incident related to the interest of Marler in UFOs?

The basketball coach was Reggie Bone, his father’s best friend when they were young. Marler said that his father’s openness to the idea of UFOs contributed to his interest in UFO. Marler’s interest was intensified when he started making trips down the area and spotted UFOs.

Marler has a book titled “Triangular UFOs: An Estimate of the Situation” [Amazon link], which was recently published and already available through Amazon.com and other retail booksellers. The topic of the book is very specific and that is about triangular unidentified object. Marler said that his interest in triangular UFOs started when he read the article “The Great Belgium UFO Flap,” by UFO researcher Bob Pratt in 1990.

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  1. they have been working that area, especially southern Ill for at leas 60 years and would guess much longer. they will soon unmask and our government will not like it.

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