Triangle formation in the sky above Tomball, Texas 8-Nov-2013

UFO videos – This footage of a triangular formation of lights was recorded over Tomball,  a city in Harris County in the U.S. state of Texas, a part of the Houston metropolitan area. Recorded on 8th November 2013.

Witness report: Anyone know what these are?? 3 floating lights seen in the sky outside of Houston near Tomball, Texas around 8:30 pm on 11/8/2013. They were slowly floating towards the ground, but were moving independently of each other and frequently changed direction. Sparks were seen trailing behind them when they would move across the sky. And I am certain they weren’t Chinese lanterns, because they were floating DOWN from very high in the sky (and they changed direction several times and had sparks trailing behind them.

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  1. not long enough. too far away, but i'm sure she had no choice in that. last time i saw a vid on here about sparks coming from lights like that someone said they were parachutists at a football game.

  2. Meteors? Lol. Shooting stars? Lol. I love how people project onto ufos what they want them to be. Its their fear if the unknown that causes them too engage in unconscious projection.

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