Son of an Area 51 Technician

Paul H. Utz talks about his father, Paul A. Utz, who worked as a high-level engineer in Area 51 and had a “Q” clearance. His father had always claimed that he was an Optical Engineer working in Area 51, but on a meeting outside the US he told his son that he was actually working on a new kind of energy source. This testimony is included, in part, to show the devastating effects of secrecy on individuals and their families.

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  1. I find this interesting in the aspect that I've seen an interview which a man claimed that he visited Area 51 as a young rocket engineer. He said when they took him to the base he was allowed to see a bus sized UFO with a large hole blown in the middle. He claimed his escorts allowed him to look the craft over and acually touch it. He said even though it had a large hole in it the crafts'

  2. highly interesting story and what appears to be a sincere man. feel sorry for his broken up family. but if the gov't insists on hiding this type of revealing info from the commonfolk, how did this video get out? what's going to happen to this man now?

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