UFO Video and Photograph Above UK Wind Farm

A photographer of the North Devon Journal captured more than the beautiful image of the Fullabrook wind farm in the UK. Located in the southwest region of the nation, the place is usually the subject of a picture perfect view of a traditional wind farm. But Rob Tibbles apparently noticed an object that should not be in the sky above the turbines. He saw the mysterious object when reviewing his pictures after taking multiple photos of the view.

Residents also started to share their UFO sightings in the past week after the image went viral online. Matt Naughton said that he noticed unusual bright light in the sky while driving to Torrington on Thursday night. Erica Whiteley said her husband saw an unusual bright object in the sky on Friday evening moving towards the wind turbines from Swimbridge. Also, Jacqueline Leighton Boyce reported the same bright light in the sky on Saturday in which she managed to film it. Jacqueline’s video was posted to YouTube titled U.F.O. over Dulverton, Somerset??.

North Devon Journal asks their readers to give their opinions about the photograph and video of the UFO above the wind farm. The photo and the video still unexplained up to this writing. After receiving somewhat similar sightings from different people, the journal encourage its readers who are interested to send UFO images or photos to also include details of what they saw and or filmed.

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  1. Beautiful image of a windfarm??? Obviously the person has been smoking some seriously toxic crap to come up with this delusional non-sequitur.

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