Triangle-shaped craft filmed over Charleston, South Carolina 2-Dec-2013

UFO videos – New video of a triangular object flying across the sky above Charleston, SC. This was taken on Monday, 2nd December 2013.

Witness report: I saw a huge triangle hovering above the Ashley river as I drove across the bridge toward west ashley. It flew slowly over the bridge and I almost drove under it as it passed over the bridge. For sure other drivers had to have seen it. A huge black triangle with white lights on each corner. It flew away low and slowly toward north charleston. By the time I crossed the bridge and pulled over, it was far away, flying low and out of site from the tree line. It was flying toward the park circle area. I called a friend in park circle to tell him to look outside for it and then a smaller triangle came across the river so I hung up and I filmed it on my phone. This one was smaller but looked the same. Both had the fire or afterburner whatever type thing on the back. It looked kinda like a stealth bomber flying really slow. Maybe this was a jet or a stealth bomber but the craft I saw first that made me pull over was much bigger, hovering and flying very slowly.

Author (Mike L. @ youtube)

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    • It was a triangle. The 'afterburner' description is just how I describe the red glow on the back of the triangle. I agree it's military, I think we have been flying our own anti gravity crafts since the 70s.

  1. HOLY shit I was driving over the Ravenel bridge that same day and saw that flying.. I thought it was a plane at first but then realized it was too low and too close and flying a lot slower than a plane so then I thought it was a helicopter but I got a better view of it and it was most definitely not a helicopter..I told my girl friend about it despite the fact that this could make her think I was

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