Unknown lights filmed over Cranbourne, Australia 2-Dec-2013

UFO sightings – New video of a bright objects flying across the sky above Cranbourne in Australia. This one was taken on 2nd December 2013.

Witness report: UFO sighting on December 2nd 2013. In the sky over Cranbourne, Vic, Australia.
We pulled over at about 9pm to film these four lights floating around the sky.
All four were pretty close to the ground and eventually disappeared.
They didn’t do a lot, but were amazing to watch!
Watch this video in HD!

Author (ShamelessAusMusic @ youtube)


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  1. I saw a few ufo,s the other night for a few minutes they were cigar shape<br />with many colour lights surrounding it blinking off and on why I don,t know<br />I thought it was a bit weird myself can you explain why?

  2. This one is very hard to explain. Not stars (too low) they are completely statical. I have been living in the same place for more than 27 years and I saw that same shape of lights near my house, but I could not stop my car to watch. If one do a search on how many times this shape of lights have been showing up lately you will be surprised. Good video. Thanks for sharing.

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