Unknown lights hovering above Boston, Massachusetts 10-Dec-2013

UFO sightings – New video of a bright objects hovering in the night sky above Boston in Massachusetts. This was taken on Tuesday, 10th December 2013.

Witness report:

About 2 or 3 days ago, I was sitting on my laptop at home playing a video game in my apartment (on a high floor so a good view). My brother went to the outdoor balcony, he then yelled at me “BRO THEREs UFOs IN THE SKY!” I ran to the window by the balcony and saw in a distance 5 balls of light that seemed to be in a V formation. They seemed to be hovering above the ocean. There was what seemed to be a loud aircraft sound in the vicinity when I stepped out into the balcony to get a clearer view, although I was not sure whether this was coming from the commercial airliner that was flying in the air at the same time, although the sound seemed a bit louder and slightly different from the usual commercial airliners that fly past and almost nothing like a helicopter, as well as the fact that the sound came earlier than the airliner seen (I live next to Logan airport so seeing planes / helicopters is an every day occurrence although within my 4 years of living here – Im a student from the UK) I have never seen a formation like that from my apartment nor have I seen aircraft behave in that way nor have I seen 5 hovering together at the same time. When I first noticed it I noticed it just looked odd, but I thought it could be helicopters from the way the lights of these objects were flickering although there was absolutely no sound present similar to a helicopter that would suggest that.When I first saw them they appeared to be in an organized formation but as they moved it was not so organized. At first I was very surprised when I saw the objects, not panicked or frightened just very intrigued. I was going through the things in my mind of what it could be, the most reasonable being helicopters, although I have never seen that before. As my brother was taking photos of them on my phone and some video, they began moving off to the left slowly, one faster than the others. The object furthest to the left disappeared behind the view of a building while the others very slowly followed although I did not see them actually go behind any buildings, they were still in the same sort of spot. Since they broke their organized formation and traveled off to the side in what I assume is the direction of the airport I assumed they must have been aircraft that belong to Logan Airport or something, so after about 5-10 minutes of watching them I went back inside having lost a bit of interest and faith that they were from outter space.

This morning I woke up and decided to watch space shuttle videos on youtube as I am interested in space. I came across some UFO videos which then reminded me of the incident I witnessed in the sky about 3 days ago. This caused me to search “Lights in the sky over Boston” videos on youtube. I came across a video titled “UFO Lights over Abington, MA USA heading to Boston” depicting balls of flickering light in the sky being filmed by a passenger in a car. Although the video was uploaded October 17 2012 I was shocked because the objects in the video had a very similar resemblance to the objects I saw. I have attached photos and video.

I understand MUFON must get thousands of UFO witness accounts but if you end up viewing this and think it is credible as being a legitimate Unidentified Flying Object please dont hesitate to contact me as I would be happy to know too. (The video I attached had to be cut slightly shorter than its original length in order to have it sent to my email so it could be saved on my laptop and uploaded here – I have the full video on my iphone but the software on iphone requires me to cut the video short in order to be able to send it over email) – All video / photos were taken on iphone – I have more photos if you like.

Author (source: mufon)
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  1. It's kind of hard to tell from the video if they are jets lining up to land at Logan Airport or if they are indeed something else. Sometimes from a distance and with the different corridors they use prior to landing it can sometimes look like a bunch of jets are flying in some kind of formation like ufos sometimes do. Not to discredit or dismiss this, just that it raises those questions for

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