Ancient Aliens: Archons – Invaders from Space

Were ancient, Bronze Age civilizations taken over by sophisticated, parasitic extra-dimensional entities who manipulate the human mind to this day for their own evil purposes? Ancient Gnostic texts may hold the key to the greatest conspiracy in ALL human history! This is the story of the Archons, Invaders from Space.

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  1. Where is the proof for those storys? For sure we have a lot<br />of evil in the world, but for sure not under influence in a spiritual hypnotic way or as a food storage for ETs. Every Day millions of humans passing away enough food for them if they want, so its to easy to say that the establishement and leadership is guided by Aliens. What a stupid story sorry

  2. Well I can certainly see/perceive some truth&#39;s in this docu-drama. However, they cannot convince me of the abscenc of G_D, and being a reader of the Gnostic Nag Hammadi scriptures find it quite disingenious on the part of parties involved in the making of this, insinuating the original Gnostics did not believe in a/the Divine Diety (El Shaddai, Elohim, Yehova, Yeshua etc… .) The Gnostics

  3. i find this all insane theories &amp; just selling peoples books.i keep an open mind though .find this video re the gnostics preferences sophia &amp; the mother earth theory all bizarre &amp; well above my comprehension interesting to listen too but i couldnt possibly take every different theory on this video serious .as for aliens feeding on human souls why abduct then return these people back

  4. Maybe one reason here for so many slack jaws… you know the type …. government handouts, have kids on welfare dollars… stand around on public property smoking nicotine sticks they can&#39;t afford then spitting on a regular basis due to a propensity to drool profusely while staring into space.. Why ? because they can and because their forefathers were even bigger slack jaws….

  5. In my opinion the dirtiest trick to be perpetrated today is to undermine the deity of Jesus Christ. The evil of this world known as Satan or alien intelligence as you put it has one formidable adversary. He is the Christ, the savior of human kind. Do yourselves a favor and learn about him, not any religion, learn about the person of Christ.

  6. I read some dumb comments.<br />One person asked where is the proof. The proof is all of the abducion cases we know, the proof is on this website, the proof is on the NAG HAMMADI MANUSCRIPTS, as mentioned in the video. <br />Another dude claim to have read the manuscript and be familiar with gnosticism, and that he knows the gnostics believed in God… damn! Are you sure you read the manuscripts

  7. sparky, you are right! I am sure the ancient gnostics, when they wandered through the deserts thousands of years ago and wrote down in parchments the antediluvian knowledge and wisdom that was passed unto them since the dawn of time WERE VERY CONCERNED ABOUT SELLING BOOKS IN 2014. Yep… I&#39;m sure it was all part of their masterplan to become bestsellers at amazon. <br /><br />

  8. Persons then,wrote to pass knowledge!!…today they write in “hope”of making “megabucks”…our whole society is based on money…..people starve,while others make billions of dollars!!…..

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