Are Extraterrestrial Races living with us on Earth?

They live and work in your town. In fact, they may be members of your country’s government. But they’re not who, or what, they appear to be. We’ll unseal the truth about these aliens among us and tell you who has come in peace…and who has a far more sinister purpose in mind.

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  1. Not so sure all of this video is 100% but sure that much of it is true. They don't need us…with the exception of our form. Starting eon's ago and ruling us for most of our presence on this planet. They have worked on us for thousands of years. In the 40's & 50's thru the early and mid 60's, they altered many young humans. Made them faster, smarter, stronger buy just a

  2. I&#39;ve been checking this site daily for four years. So far I&#39;ve not seen anything useful. Yes, I read, watched documentaries and watched the sky. Yes, with optics better than you get at Walmart. Yes, there&#39;s lights in the sky. Most can be explained I remember the Hills, Rendalshem Forest(?), <br />the PA bell, Phoenix Lights, Shag Harbour. Not much new since 62. So, what&#39;s it all

  3. So are these guys saying that, I could wake up tomorrow morning with the women I&#39;ve lived with for 12 years chewing on my arm or zapping flies in the garden? Reptilian body, red eyes, fork tongue. Hmm, how could I have missed that? Oh right she put the alien mojo whammy hudu mind game on me (12 years) so I wouldn&#39;t see her as man eating reptile I would want to beat with a garden tool. I

  4. ANY GOVERNMENT that makes secret deals with so -called aliens must be considered traitors to their own people;deals are made to be broken just like all treaties.Hard evidence exists of unknown aircraft playing elusive games…………these craft have yet to be proven extraterrestrial.A government or organization that has the tech would find a good smokesreen in the alien theory with all manner

  5. If there&#39;s an alien bunch hanging around here they&#39;ve got to be a bunch of slack jaw meat head types. I pity the fools….

  6. This is a collection of allegations, with no proofs. Might as well be fairy tales. There must be a number of people living on this business: this is the only firm basis of this all !

    • Only the female of the species… i&#39;ve seen them in grocery stores wide as the isle and 6ft tall always with a maple bar in one hand and a diet soda in the other…. mean women.

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