A Mother and Her Children Witness Mysterious Lights Over A Town In Australia

January 2014 – After a series of reported UFO sightings in the Katherine region of Australia, a woman claims that the unidentified flying objects are back and she managed to capture them in photographs.

The witness mother, who doesn’t want to be named, says she was in a vacation mode in the rural area of the town when one of her sons hurriedly went into the house, saying to her about the mysterious aerial light in the yard.

Australia UFOsSo, the mother went outside to take a look at it and was astonished to witness a bright, yellow light floating above trees located just meters away from their back fence. The mother witness initially thought it was a helicopter that seemed looking for something with its spotlight on.

However, she noticed that the mysterious light did not create any sound at all and all the animals that usually create sound at night were all quiet as well.

The 44-year old mother was thinking of the RAAFies at Tindal that were flying for an exercise. However, the light just hovered there. It did not move or do anything and it was difficult to determine its shape because it was all blurry.

According to the woman, she was a non-believer about alien UFOs visiting Earth that she can hardly put in words what she and two of her children had seen. She used to think that people who believe in such thing are crazy.

The light remained over the property’ back fence for several minutes before the mother got her camera and began taking photos. Then the strange light started to shake but it still had no noise. She kept on taking photos and when she looked at her camera to review what she got and looked back up, she noticed two lights.

The other light just appeared from nowhere next to the first one. While her children got excited with their sighting, she felt afraid upon the appearance of the second light. So, she took the children inside their house and when she looked back the lights after a few seconds, they were gone.

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  1. unusual color but would guess just about any color could be seen during a move from one realm to another. but there are so many drones being used by governments that the water gets muddy. think we should expect some exciting things to happen in the ufo, alien world soon. oh hi.

  2. It's good to know, that folks are becoming more alert of these sightings. I don't think we need to be afraid of them. They are continuing to let us know, they are here.

  3. Continuing to let us know they are here?
    How comforting. Not!
    Rather think they don’t give a hoot what we think are what we do.As far as I am concerned we are probably a nasty novelty to them. Best kept away from.

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