Bremen Airport Radar Records UFO Activity

UFO radar

A UFO disrupted travel routes for passengers and Bremen airport on January 6, 2014 when air traffic control noticed it in their radar.

On Monday night, the UFO kept appearing on the airport’s radar several times for more than 3 hours from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. According to the police, they were alerted about the news at 6:30 PM and they also got the news that a patrol car also noticed the object.

The police sent a helicopter to search for the UFO but failed to do so. However, in a report by Weser Kurier newspaper, the UFO can be seen through binoculars from the traffic control tower of the airport.

According to the police statement, they stopped their search at 8:45 PM.

One flight from Frankfurt was cancelled and another flight from Munich was diverted to Hannover because of the unidentified flying object. It even caused a plane from Paris to stay airborne for a while before it able to land.

Bremen police spokesperson said they’re not sure about the identity of the mysterious aerial object but they know it was there. They’re currently investigating drones or balloon-like aircraft but as of the moment the identity of the object remains a mystery.

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  1. If what they saw was a UFO, what's with the massive increase of sighting's. Is 2014 the year the world finds out the truth.

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