Triangle formation flying over Pula, Croatia – January 2014

triangle ufoUFO sightings 2014 – This interesting video of a three red dots flying across the night sky above Pula in Croatia was recorded on Tuesday, 7th January 2014.

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  1. I only see lights slowly floating in the sky, meaning I'd consider them sky lanterns or equiv. We're seeing too many of these types of pictures and videos as proof of UFO, in most instances their being published as such only detracts from the actual (infrequent) bonified reports.

  2. OK, when I see vids like this, I think: if this is not a fake, then how could it not be alien? I can't see three planes or choppers keeping that tight a formation and speed, definitely not lanterns or weather balloons, so what else could they be except from off the planet. If it is one object, then judging by the distance, it must be enormous and beyong our technology. Also, this or these

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