Daytime UFO activity in the sky above Los Angeles, California – 2013 & 2014

flying saucerSubmitted by: Jessie C. Sighting location: Los Angeles, CA Date: 1/12/14 & 12/21/13
Report: Here’s my latest submission for Los Angeles CA. I filmed these objects from outside my house on 1/12/14 and on 12/21/13. Thank you for your consideration of the video. I really appreciate your site.

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  1. The paper plate was obviously out of control. I hope the were no casualties. The balloons, that was just too intense for me.

  2. Postings like this lower the credibility of not only the author but the site. I can appreciate posting everything sent in to let the viewers judge the authenticity but this is video is beyond ridiculous. It seems that our ET visitors are very aware of our interest in there activity and have hidden their craft very neatly. I haven't seen any posting in months and

  3. The yellow 'orb' is a balloon. The tumbling object looks like a disk that someone threw up in the air. I don't know what the second object is.

  4. the first ufo looked like a lid of some sort picked up in the wind. the second round object was strange. the third yellow object looks like a balloon but i don't know. it's moving too straight to be a balloon.

  5. everything is getting too ridiculous really on this website..kind of offending everybody but the mental ones..please quit putting online all this's totally stupid..

  6. If the first tumbling silver colored plate was a spaceship, it obviously crashed and looked close enough for the photographer to have documented it. The third yellow balloon was being taken by a stiff wind, I'm guessing the second object was just as ridiculous.

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