Iran Claims Snowden Says US Govt. Working With Extraterrestrials

Iran claims Snowden says the US Govt. is working with extraterrestrials. Fox also claims that if you believe Snowden you are a “Hardliner”.

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  1. Of course the U.S. government works with extra-terrestrials. They really have no choice. You see, we're not the ones in charge, they are. We work with them or we get mowed over. Let's just say they made us an offer we couldn't refuse.

  2. How did Snowden obtain this information? Specifics please. Why would anyone listen to what Iran has to say about the Americans?

  3. Snowden is supposed to to be a whistle blower? The man in the know? He's still working for the Americans, He's never stopped and the public has swallowed it hook line & sinker. Really I don't need to prove anything, but how many people REALLY know how the world works? I'm sure I may get some ultra insightful comments. Hey, I don't give a damn. Sometimes people actually get

  4. It is true that aliens walk among us and do live underneath. But the United States dose not take orders from them and this will be explained by Snowden and others soon. In reality our government does not know are about them. There are many different races of them. Soon they will step in as we are out of control. They helped found this country and consider us like piss ants. No this administration

  5. "Controlled" is probably too strong. Misled is probably closer, if you look at Eisenhower's agreement. Then the Cartels took over while everything was shrouded in secrecy. The bit about the faction within the shadow government backed by other aliens is significant too… Eisenhower thought "what can we do to stop them?" There might be something like a UN among the

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