Daytime UFO video filmed in Durban, South Africa – 2013

South Africa UFOUFO sightings – This interesting video of a bright object flying across the sky above Durban in South Africa was recorded last year.

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  1. How big did it appear? It looks as though it is bouncing and fluttering like a plastic bag! I have seen similar and they were UFPBS.

  2. We have twice seen the same UFO, 21 Dec and 2 Jan 2014, both times the UFO came from East to West and vice versa and we were able to watch and photograph, this was in Roodekrans, Gauteng, South Africa.

  3. Yea you need to see the movement without camera movement <br />So you can see if it just floating by on a breeze OR straight with intelligence movement <br />

  4. I have seen this ufo 5 times.Once in Needles Ca.flying through the valley at about 200 miles ph.One time at night about 1/2 miles away and it was bright like this,then 1/3 of the lights went out,then another 1/3 went out,and then the other 1/3 went out.Then three big red lights came on ,1@a time they got real red then went dark and I couldn’t see anything Another time it flew right over the house and the 6 rows of lights flickered for about 2 seconds and I could not hear or see it. I have seen a lot of the alien flying machines.They are real.

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