UFO Planet: Fascinating Triangle UFO over Vista, Cali + 7 More UFOs

Take a journey into the unknown with Darin Crapo and examine UFO sightings recorded over Udine, Italy; Birmingham, Alabama, USA; Salinas Valley Crop Circle; Alien removed from the Sea in Spain; Alicante, Spain; Durham UK; Vista, California SPECTACULAR triangle UFO; Beach UFO over Hopetoun, Australia.

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  1. the white shell looking thing is a cuttle fish, many of these wash up on our shores in Australia, birds use this for cleaning their beaks, filing, ever common here

  2. Sharon u right, even the crop circle is just the ad of Nvidia for the CES 2014..this guy is a total joke, most of what is shown is good for the very naif people who believe in everything..this guy should quit making fun of people just for making some money on the web..shame on him and his dumb ufo planet whatever..shame

    • english not my native language, sorry for that..anyway it might have been better a comment on the whole meaning of what I wrote instead of the naif/naive remark..actually that's very naive..ha ha..cheers

  3. think crop cicles real .first video fuel deposited from an aircraft .2nd video debris dropping through dark clouds to earth .3rd video definately a cuttlefish lol whats going down here people .5th video floating ? debris light weighted . 6th video someones mouth open & a torch shining inside of it . see them molars .7th video genuine sighting ,vista cal vid . our triangle tr3b

  4. Ever notice how serious some of these people take themselves…. lighten up there's good comic relief to enjoy on this site….

  5. geez! what kind of host are you Darin?? that first one is a group of starlings in flight. it's a very common occurrence for these birds! the second one is birds again. my god, the things from the ocean are cuttlefish. if you own birds as pets this is what you buy them for their beaks. the Gary footage looks real good. i'm sure that this man Darin is genuine, and he has to follow whatever

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