Large Underwater Pyramid Discovered in Portugal

UFO and alien enthusiasts got excited with the discovery of a very huge under water pyramid between Sao Miguel and Terceira islands in the Azores of Portugal. Portuguese news reported the claims about the structure that is said to be perfectly squared and oriented by the cardinal points. With the used of GPS digital technology, it is estimated that the large underwater pyramid measures 60 meters in height with 8000 square meters base.

Currently, the mysterious structure is investigated further by Portuguese Hydrographic Institute of the Navy. Their job is to know whether it is man-made or not.

Local newspaper Insular reported that the pyramid was discovered in mid-Atlantic area that has been underwater for around 20,000 years. If the pyramid was formed 20,000 years ago, the civilization before the ice age was responsible for such amazing structure. That civilization remains to be known whether it was human or not. The Portuguese Navy is still in the process of identifying the origins. What makes more interesting about the discovery is that many question why the structure has not been first reported sooner than late 2012.

NOAA has been studying the area heavily for volcanic activity and that it would have discovered the mysterious structure through sonar imaging and other high-tech equipment to determine volcanic activity. Many speculate that either the NOAA has not really discovered it, they’re keeping secret of their discovery, or the pyramid doesn’t exist.

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  1. the translation is hard to read but understandable. but the yellow squashed lettering is really hard to read. a very interesting find, indeed.

  2. There has to be a reason for all the pyramids on the Earth.Why are they universal in number and general appearance.Why the alignment ?Something in early man's psych ;maybe traumatic caused him to build these monliths;they always seem to have something to do with religion or belief in the space gods.

  3. Im Portuguese and this interview have 2 or 3 months! Since than nobody talk more about this… The case was hidden by the Portuguese coast guard and government! thats sad

  4. The great flood is historical as well as biblical. Civilizations pre dating known history are a reality. How advanced were they ? For some reason they had an obsessive compulsion to build pyramids. Why ?

  5. Supposedly man kind has risen and fallen 3 times prior. It's actually starting to make more sense. We are heading in a downward spiral again. The elite know what's up and transparency is non existent.

  6. There are reports that this is fake, NO other news has been said since late 2013, in fact its been kept quiet, Wouldn't it be nice if it was, but people have to make up stories to try suck us in..

  7. it did appear on the prime time news in Portugal, and i really think is there the piramid, we just lack underwarter tech to go dive down there, i just hope the spcialists from Titanic discovery, just go there with the underwater cameras and show everything live on TV. NO MORE HIDDING!!

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