More Witnesses of Barnoldswick UFO Sighting Have Come Forward but With Contradicting Accounts

flying saucer
UK – A Hollins Road resident claimed to have seen classic disc shaped object in the sky on December 11, 2013 at around 7 AM. Now, two other people have come forward claiming to have seen strange things in the sky over the town on the same day and almost the same time.

Linda Sutton was driving in upland from Barlick to Barrowford around 8:30 AM with her son-in-law and daughter when they spotted an interesting object. She joked with her daughter that it was a UFO because it was not moving, not like the vapour trails of two aircraft closely flying.

She said that as much as she believes that mankind is not the only intelligent being in the vast universe, she does not think that what they saw was anything more than the sun reflecting off something. However, she admitted that it was just so weird that it appeared stationary.

Jackie Taylforth, another Barnoldswick resident, claimed to have seen something interesting on the same morning but in different situations.

She said that she was talking to a man outside her home on Bank Street in Baroldswick when she noticed something bright that passed by over them in the horizon. She observed the object like it was racing with something because of its quickness.

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