Strange lights seen and recorded over Joliet, Illinois 5-Jan-2014

triangle ufoLatest UFO sightings 2014 – This interesting video of some kind of triangular-shaped craft hovering in the night sky above Joliet in Illinois was filmed on Sunday, 5th January 2014.

Witness report: Cross-like ojbect with lights appears to hover then fly slowly
Im a freelance reporter for the Southtown Star. Im looking into a claim from two snowplow drivers who think they mightve seen a UFO on Sunday evening. They were plowing lots around the Joliet Mall. The object appears to hover for five minutes over near Caton Farm Road in the Joliet Mall area. In the final minute of the video, the object moves eastward and overhead. It looks cross-shaped with lights on each end. Would someone please examine the video and tell me what they think it is? To me, it looks like it might be a drone.

Author (source: mufon)

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  1. i think it's a jet. the flashing navigation lights give it away. it looked like it was hovering and the illusion of being close to you cause it was in your direct line of sight. once it turned that's when it looked like a jet.

  2. I really don't think a drone of that size would be silent and could hover in place for so long. I would have had to be there to really grasp and appreciate what it was these guys seen. Great video none the less!

  3. If it is our elders from space, might they be speaking to us? Might they be sending us an important message? What could it indicate if they are hovering over Joliet? Is there something there that we should be looking into? <br /><br />Do recall that Roswell New Mexico was the home of the 509th atomic bombing group in 1947 when they dropped their craft there? <br /><br />Might there be something

  4. It&#39;s not a drone. It&#39;s just a plane flying straight at you and then turning slightly. The navigation lights are clearly visible and in correct configuration for a plane. People mistake this for a plane often.

  5. Tough one, the object was hovering long enough and I doubt his camera was that good as to spot the jet from so far away that it remained so small, yet not good enough not to show the head lights getting larger and brighter on its approach. The object would have had to have been heading in a straight line of sight with the camera in order to make it appear as if it were hovering, otherwise any

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