Near Air Collision between a Passenger Jet and a Mysterious UFO Near a British Airport

A close encounter certainly experienced by Airbus A320 but the other party remains a mystery. One thing is certain and that is a near miss with a cigar-shaped UFO reported by an airline pilot. According to the pilot’s report, the UFO passed within metres of his passenger aircraft. The incident reportedly happened near Heathrow airport.

Aviation authorities say that the pilot told them last July that he was certain the object was going to collide with his jet and that he manoeuvred to avoid the collision as it headed towards him. They have been not able to identify the mysterious UFO, which apparently about to collide with the airliner at tremendous speed.

The incident happened at around 32 kilometres west of Heathrow airport while the Airbus A320 was flying at 34,000 feet.

According to a report from investigators, the pilot thought that he was about to have a collision with a UFO under the apprehension that there was no time to react. The captain’s immediate reaction was to manoeuvre to the right and reach over his first officer to alert him. He had no time to talk to alert his FO when the incident happened. He was completely expecting to experience some kind of impact with the mysterious aerial object.

The pilot told investigators the cigar/rugby ball-like shape object passed on the top of the jet within a few feet away. The UFO had metallic construction and bright silver in colour. UK Airprox Board, which examines near misses involving aircraft in Great Britain, studied the episode.

The board checked all possibilities about the event including data recordings of aircraft in the area during that that time, along with weather balloons. But ruled out them all as military radar personnel was also not able to identify the mysterious aerial object.

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  1. Naturally the pilot saw Venus, swamp gas, or was drunk an unfit to fly etc,etc, so now he&#39;ll recant.<br />Poor guy. Surely a passenger saw something?

  2. Poorly written. Did the military radar people confirm they actually did see &quot;something&quot; or does the &quot;unable to identify&quot; comment mean they are saying they saw nothing at all?

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