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Your UFO reports: 4th January -11th January 2014
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Tempe, Az – 1-11-2014. 9.00pm
Me and my husband saw 6 ufos in the sky .
They move very slowly and hovered for awhile and disappear in midair



LaVeta, Colorado – Jan 11 2014 7pm to 7:40 pm
Air Force jets chasing lights Red Lights rings of light 3 in formation. Heard the jets fly by which was curious in itself. The jets returned I went outside the objects were flying above jets were flying and chasing lights

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Bethal Mpumalanga South Africa – 16.30 Saturday 11 January 2014
I was busy taking pictures of an approaching storm and the object
appeared on photo no 30 ( of about 200 that I took ) It looks to “flat” to be a bird has anyone got ideas ? I have taken photos like these in the past also in thunderclouds.

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Lynwood, Western Australia – 8:47pm- 9/1/2014
Recorded in the East a Strange object in which the likes I have never seen any object behave in that way. It traveled vertically from my perspective, I was previously following a satellite that was heading past the constellation of Canis Major.

Youtube video link:

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Middletown, Ohio – Jan.6 2014 7;00am
it was a cloudy morning.i don’t have any drapes on my bedroom windows.we live out in the sticks.i looked out my window facing west,thers this big bright star about halfway up,not to other stars that time,by 7;45am.still there.before 8am,it husband seen it too,but he didn’t seem to care,just the way he is.

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Abu Dhabi, UAE – 6th Jan 2014 at 7.30 p.m.
i and my family have seen an object on the horizon with green and red light not blinking and it was hovering and going up and down for almost 1 min. The object was very clear from far and i doubted if it was a plane or helicopter but it was for sure not any of what i thought. I strongly believe it was an UFO. i am attaching a small video clip which i managed to take from my phone but it was not clear from distance, however, it is showing a dot. i tried to attach a small video clip it didn’t work

Al Tahir
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N Earlestown, Merseyside – Sat.28dec.2013,3pm.,on.
In field’s,and saw long flash of silver,reflecting off a craft,going S,100yds.,W,of Earlestown town hall,60,000ft/,alt.Had 880X zoom cam.,on tripod,on within 15sec’s.,but could not see anything,in very clear sky.About 10min’s.,later,3-17pm.,I spotted a silver craft,going E,0.75mls.,to S,10,000ft.,alt.,120mph.,and put bin’s on.Could’nt make out any wing’s,but 2 lights to front.Put cam-cord.on,and thought would pick up easily,but again,must have accelerated away,very fast.Was in house,preparing a meal,and went on front,4-13pm.,and saw a bright yellow sphere, E,100ft.,alt.,going N,3mph.So,WENT ON FRONT AND FILMED,THEN WALKED UP TO FIELD’S AGAIN,and filmed as it came N,0.5mls.,then stopped,and went S slowly,again.I have put pic’s.on my timeline,but not published vid.,yet!Robert Newton,19mls,E of Liverpool.Shortly after,a”jet fighter”,doing,1,000mph.+,circled the town hall,alt.,20,000ft.,and went back!However,when film is examined,the craft has no wing’s,or tailplane,but is an alien craft,imitating an RAF,or USAAF,jet fighter!Please let the military know!


Westminster, CA – 12/27/13 abt 1:00 AM
I have been a star gazer for years and recent UFO observer, since I saw my 1st UFO about 2 years ago. This was my 3rd UFO observation and totally different. I was observing sky from my backyard with my binoculars (50X) and saw unusual looking star. I got my Panasonic HD-SD60 camcorder and started videoing it. Moved to my front yard for closer view. The object was in southwest sky, bright white, about the size and brightness of Venus and not moving at all. I still was not sure if it was a star or not, until I saw it move a short distance through my binoculars. It stopped, then rapidly seemed to move away to west until just a pinpoint, then disappeared. It appeared as a blue light as it moved away. A few seconds later it reappeared, came back to where it had been then moved back to it’s original position and remained motionless. I could never see a distinct shape while videoing, so thought I would take a picture and maybe get more detail. I set my camcorder to still photo and zoomed in to take a picture. While focus was adjusting, suddenly an orange saucer shaped object lit up to left of my white light, then a blue saucer shaped object, then a pinkish-red. Saucers continued to light up one at a time until there were about a dozen. They looked to be above and over, or behind my neighbor’s house across the street. Most were to the left, but a few to the right of the white object. They were not any formation. These saucers were solid in color, the saucer shapes clearly visible, and not moving at all. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and stood frozen looking at them. Then, the ones to the right started disappearing one by one (lights went off vs flying away). I then had enough presence of mind to snap a picture before they all disappeared. I had the strange feeling that they revealed themselves for my picture. I was in a state of shock, I think. I ran in to tell my husband. I went back out to see if they were still there, but all saucers were gone. I don’t remember if the white light object was still there or not, that’s how shook up I was. I went back inside and stayed there. I felt very excited about what I saw, but very unnerved, too. I have never seen anything like this before in my life and not sure I want to again. I normally observe the sky every night, but have not had the nerve to since that morning. Hope I get over it soon because I love sky watching. The white object appears to have more of a shape in the video than was visible to me live.

My picture is small. I tried to enlarge, but I’m not experienced enough to adjust focus. Maybe you can though. Love your website.

Video link:

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El Dorado Space Center – 22/12/2013
What are the mysterious objects over El Dorado space centre?

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Mareeba QLD Australia – Dec 2007
This was reported previously but I don’t think any one has gone to the trouble to look into it further. It appears that the google map car has captured a UFO appearing out of a “Worm Hole”. The photos cover most of Mareeba and the UFO can been seen in hundreds of photos from all angles.

I’ve attached some links just look up. The first one is where I think it appears. I’ve spent the last 2 hours going from the street map and street view and it appears in all photos it’s a very large area. If any one wants to expand on this finding feel free. I’d like to see what people think about it. All credit to the original uploader.

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  1. I don't know how many times people have said this is a ufo that you can see on google street view.. well its not.. its just light reflecting of the camera when the photo is taken.. that's all.. if you look closely all over google street view its everywhere..

    • i hear ya!!!-what is with people?-.i made a movie on utube-especially on lens flares & PINK UFOS,(all it takes is common sense to know there are NOT any PINK ONES!..i showed one (A PINK LENS FLARE!)on my street-view,on the map….they STILL don't get it!

  2. I don't thinks so. The UFO does not appear in all photos, it only covers a specific area. The UFO is always due due, it gets bigger when you head north. What is the very bright bar of light in the sky? Why is a particular area of the sky so extremely bright, it's not the sun. Light reflecting off the camera doesn't cut it.

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