Okinawa Residents Report Multiple Unusual Lights Across Naha City Night Sky

Multiple lights were noticed by residents in Naha, Okinawa, Japan moving over the area on January 23, 2014 at around 9:00 PM. The strange event was reported by the Okinawa Times. According to the report, the mysterious lights remain a mystery as Self Defense Force of Japan and astronomical experts can’t tell their real identity. Many witnesses have come forward saying they saw about a dozen bright orange lights that somewhat hovered and shifted around in the night sky. The apparent video of the event has making rounds over the internet.

japan ufos

Japan Air Self Defense Force said that they had training exercises that day but it ended at around 7:20 PM and they never conducted exercises at the hour when the incident took place.

Witnesses living around Naha said that they witnessed very bright lights moving in a curve so, they think they were not airplane. The lights moved until they gathered together and then disappeared.

Ishigaki Island Observatory director Takeshi Miyaji has a great feeling that the phenomenon was not astronomical as these lights seemed to float in the air. He ruled out meteorites because they streak across the sky before burning out. Eyewitnesses claimed that they saw the lights hovered for approximately 15 minutes before disappearing.

The YouTube video of the incident shows lights that appear to be in high altitude and then seem to descend slowly before disappearing.

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    • Hmmmm, earthquake lights huh? That's interesting, but wouldn't there have to be an earthquake for that to make sense? My guess is flares.

  1. what in tarnation are earthquake lights? and flares don't hang like that, unmoving. what's freaky is that all the lights in the entire picture are all flashing the same colors. must be alot of atmospheric pollution. it's freaky, anyways.

  2. fascinating. If not flares, then i have no idea what they are. It does not seem logical to fire flares over a city/town. If they are flares, then why does no one come forward to declare this?

  3. i think they are 2 triangular type ufo craft not the regular tr3bs never flares / why does no one call the airforce or military or local police ? i think they are ufo crafts very good video japan .thanks .

  4. These look eerily similar to the lights over Phoenix back on March 13, 1997. They don’t seem to move, but just hover like the lights of Phoenix. These can’t be flares either because there is no smoke visible above the lights.

  5. Ever see a flare go off and come back on, change colors, move around in a specific formation????
    Not flares.
    We are being visited and ruled over by other planets. How many people disappear in Japan in a years time??
    We are their food.

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