Researcher Discovers Mysterious Object on the Moon’s Surface

It has long been thought by some people that aliens have been residing in the moon. The scenario has been also featured in several sci-fi films. The speculation of aliens in the moon seems to be ordinary but it gains back its popularity after a series of images from Google maps apparently show a strange object on the moon’s surface. The images have been making rounds in the internet recently.

moon baseThe images seem to depict a triangular wedge-shaped craft that has a series of seven dots along the edge. Many likened the object to an extra-terrestrial spaceship. It was discovered by someone bearing the YouTube username WowForReel who also posted a video of the discovery online saying that it should not be there in the area.

In a video description, it is revealed by WowForReel that he has been monitoring and seeing the mysterious object for a long time, making him believes that it is not faked, but he has no clue about its true identity. All he can say is that he saw nothing similar to his found in any of the other craters.

The images have been featured in many other sites including Techandgadgetnews in which it says that the large object actually resembles to a super-secret Stealth aircraft technology but it is much larger than any terrestrial airplane.

The object is still a mystery as no other feature has ever been found that matches the shape of the mysterious object on the moon or even on other planets by exploratory rover or satellite.

22°42’38.46″N 142°34’44.52″E

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  1. i understand that this is why man has not gone back to the moon since the last time. i've heard that it is because aliens DO occupy it, and an agreement was made not to go back. ridiculous? reality?

  2. I believe this is real……..after all the image is from Google.<br /><br />However Wowforeal has a real problem with credability since the first post they ever did on Youtube.

  3. I believe there is evidence of sophisticated tech on the moon left by whom ? Humans from our distant past who advanced beyond our capabilities ? Or a race from another planet in our solar system who thrived prior to their planets destruction and or environmental changes ? Or a race from beyond our solar system. One things for certain in my opinion the general public will not know for certain

  4. your own astronauts told you there are &quot;aliens up there&quot; and told us &quot;don&#39;t come back.&quot; And best listen to them.

  5. You can see that the dots arranged in a triangular way are much sharper (well defined) than the rest of the picture. As there cannot be two resolutions in the same picture, this points towards an electronic bug, or a fake.

  6. Chang&#39;e 3 Lunar Lander , check the science news article or try the wired (dot) com they have the link to the interactive panorama brief view of the moon surface .

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