VIDEO: UFO fly around Werder Bremen´s Stadium 7-Jan-2014

Werder Bremen UFOBremen police and authorities have confirmed that a UFO flew over the German city and passed within 300 metres of the Werder stadium at 6:30 pm on Tuesday evening.

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  1. Is this likely related to the "UFO" reported to have disrupted traffic at their Airport ? If so, it's not a UFO, as it was reported the craft which interferred with the AP, was determined to be a RC Plane.

  2. There are neither videos or photos of this event that are not fakes. The only hard data are the aircrafts' transponder data, which show the first incident at 17:15 UTC when the Lufthansa flight DLH5MM had to veer sharply to the north shortly before touch down. It attempted another landing at 17:24 which had to be aborted at the last moment (the pilot said they where close to collision with

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