UFO or orb caught on tape over Nevado de Toluca in Mexico 4-Jan-2014

UFO videos 2014 – New footage of a strange unidentified flying object recorded over Nevado de Toluca, a large stratovolcano in central Mexico. This was taken on Saturday, 4th January 2014.

Witness report: A strange spherical object is captured while I was walking in the crater of Nevado de Toluca, excellent recording where you can see a spherical object rising and falling within the crater of the volcano of Toluca on January 4, 2014, know that’s what we shoot, we were at a considerable distance from where the lake was, but fortunate to see at that point to an object very clearly spherical shape, but making very strange movements up and down. Was shifted initially on the surface of the water and then moves up and down inside the crater of Nevado de Toluca. Very strange sighting of a UFO into a volcano in Mexico.

Author (José Luis Rueda – CIRCAC @ youtube)

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  1. VERY interesting. it's not an animal and not man-made. but his focus on the object is very poor. he doesn't center on it when it's clearly in sight, and those words at the bottom of the screen get in the way a few times.

  2. If its from Mexico its crap as always, – out of focus poor film not a UFO or anything close, most likely put on the film or video by the person

  3. The problem with the focus is not intentional by the person recording, it's the camera's autofocus feature. You will notice that as the object moves up and down, the distance to the horizon/landscape directly in the background changes, forcing the camera to re-calibrate its focus. The reason he doesn't centre it is because he is intentionally trying to keep it in focus by keeping the

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