White UFOs over Tokyo on Christmas Day (Video)

White Christmas happened over Tokyo on December 2013 as mysterious white objects were seen flying across the capital city of Japan on Christmas Day. The incident has gotten the attention of most internet users worldwide. The mysterious objects were spotted by many people on the ground including two people who managed to film the UFO sighting.japan ufosA reporter of the local newspaper was also in the vicinity and witnessed the mysterious aerial objects.

At around 4PM on Christmas Day, the first picture of the UFOs was posted on the internet and other people followed posting the same picture.

One of the people who saw the picture over the internet was the Takuma news reporter and immediately went on the veranda of their office, near the editorial department. He then saw the objects first hand.

The reporter says that he saw six objects moving slowly across the sky and vanishing after several minutes. Many speculations surface about the incident but no official explanation has been released as of this writing.

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  1. they do look like jets and contrails. but so many of them all At once? and all in the same area of sky? all going the same way?

  2. yes, now that i've watched it again, it's perfectly possible that those are jets. lots of air traffic that day!

  3. very advanced, special budget ,planes or , some call them &#39;whiteknights, or lightships. or glowboys . , they have the ability to emit &quot; &quot; which can effect the color of your sdhc card or even a 400x speed gb etc, yet a better chance is with a faster camera(frames) or camcorder , good luck with your findings . these are not the grays <br /><br /><br /><br />

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