Near UFO Crash Incident before the Famous Roswell Crash Incident

A show in The History Channel features an investigation of a Maury Island, Washington UFO encounter. Unlike the famous Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash incident, this one is not known to most people. The Mary Island UFO incident took place two weeks before Roswell incident.Shortly after June 21, 1947, six UFOs were seen near Maury Island by a seaman named Harold A. Dahl. According to Dahl, he was out to scavenge for drifting logs around the place, which is currently a peninsula of Puget Sound’s Vashon Island, located near Tacoma, Washington in the U.S. Maury Island is directly across Puget Sound’s narrow section from Boeing Field to Sea-Tac International Airport. Together with Dahl on the boat were his son Charles, his dog and an unnamed hand. Dahl claimed to have spotted 4, 5, or 6 (4 or 5 in the initial FBI report) doughnut-shaped objects flying above the area in formation. He said the blue sky can be seen through the center holes of the mysterious flying objects. These holes appeared like port holes lining the inside of the ring. Dahl reported that one of the craft seemed to have a technical problem then one craft moved above it that seemed to give assistance to the troubled craft and retreated.

At that point, the craft that appeared to have mechanical problem started ejecting objects through the inner port holes. The boat was hit by a slag-like material, which destroyed the windshield, a light fixture and the wheel house. Furthermore, it killed the dog on the deck. Dahl also claimed that his son was injured by falling debris. Dahl said that he managed to take photos of the UFOs and recovered the materials of the troubled aircraft including some type of slag and sheaves of lightweight white sheets of metal.

On the morning after the incident, Dahl said that a man visited in his home and invited him for a breakfast at nearby restaurant. The man had worn black suit and driving a 1947 Buick. Dahl accepted the invitation by the man whom he assumed a military or government representative. While they were eating, the man told him details about the UFO sighting even though Dahl did not talk about it in public. The man allegedly warned Dahl about the danger to his family once he talk about his sighting in details to the public.

Dahl’s statements have caused confusion and debate as he later claimed that the entire UFO sighting was just a hoax but also claimed that the sighting was accurate and he was forced to claim it was a hoax for the safety of his family.

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  1. Isn&#39;t it low of our NSA to control people by threatening ths lives of their children etc. ! 8 yr olds fight that way and can say the nastiest words whno en angered. Therefore NSA methods haven&#39;t evolved past elementary! Quite primitive and low intelligence. <br /><br /><br />

  2. In the 30&#39;s and 40&#39;s there would be a &quot;mother ship&quot; and six &quot;scouts; When put back together they would appear to be one ship. In Kentucky and southern Ill from the sledge plant in Kentucky to the Devil&#39;s Dam area may abductions and sighting took place. Carbondale Ill area also. They implanted and altered genes around the world.

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