Daytime UFO activity over Sydney, Australia 9-Feb-2014

ufosUFO sightings – New footage of a bright objects hovering above Sydney in Australia. This was recorded on Sunday, 9th February 2014.

Witness report: I was this time in my swimming pool When I saw this shiny object high altitude I grab my camera took it off the I R filter off and I am was lucky to captured this large Cluster object on the camera.

Author (colourufo @ youtube)

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  1. I can confirm the sighting. I saw the same object at around 6pm that same day over Sydney… two bright lights hovering around slowly and then quickly moving away to the south.

  2. I had a very close encounter 09:39-09:40 in taylor square oxford st Sydney on Sunday 9 Feb a y or t shaped craft flew over at low altitude from Syd harbour in the direction of red fern two others witnessed it.AMAZING. I <br />.I had reported this on two other sites before I saw this, the first at10:15 Sunday morning.

  3. OK this is 100% the craft that I witnessed close up in the city, it is not a cluster but 2 faces of Y shaped craft reflecting with the 3rd face breaking the reflection. You beauty Laszlo.

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