Daytime video: Triangle UFO over Paris, France 9-Feb-2014

Latest UFO sightings 2014 – This interesting footage of a triangular-shaped craft flying across the sky above Paris, France was recorded on Sunday, 9th February 2014.

Witness report: 09/02/14 – Just got my new camcorder, the Canon M52. First UFO sighting filmed with it! 🙂

I recorded a massive bright UFO fleet flying at an amazing speed through the clouds. The lights were making a strange trail, as if they were cutting the clouds. My hypothesis is that these objects are probably meteors that were so burning that they “melt” the clouds in their way. Maybe some people have another version? Tell me what you think please!

Type ➫ Bright lights
Scale ➫ Unidentified
Duration ➫ 40 seconds
Color(s) ➫ White
Light(s) ➫ Single bright light
Speed ➫ Fast
Place ➫ From my house, France
Filmed with ➫ Canon M52

Author (WTFflow @ youtube)

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  1. Fascinating whatever they are. wish I had a telephoto lens that good. In fact wish my eyes were that good to have spotted them in the first place.<br />looks like it could be debris or meteors or aliens. Who knows?

    • Those are Ashtar command Ships days we contacted some light workers site they hide truth so we declared this week sightimgs will be worldwide daytime and night time. IAm Lord Maitreya I am With Isu Sananda Jesus Christ .those are our Angelic Army we are showing them to you to believe, this week will be full of sightings ,a proof to our word. There are Thousand of Ships SURROUNDING EARTH

    • Faisal Baluch commented on a video on YouTube.<br />Shared publicly – Feb 8, 2014<br /> <br />This is last call to wake up on truth, Lord Isu Sananda the Christ is here, he is the commander of the Ashtar command Space Ships Angel Metatron is on those Ships, Lord Isu Sananda has sent them order to make mass sightings worldwide this coming week , prepare and spread news. Jesus Christ is here with

  2. Good video, it´s the first time that i see a UFO cuts a cloud, I have never seen a thing like this. There´s not doubt, they are UFOS, not meteors. If they were meteors didn´t have that very straight trajectory.

  3. the bew tr3b triangular craft or alien craft there always 4 miles up far out of human eyes until focus is on then we see these crafts with modern camcorders .as stated over the past decades 95% are accountable 5% arent somethings going on out in our atmosphere for a very long time people will never be told the truth lot of whistleblowing lot of misinformation maybe one day we,ll get told the

  4. no not meteors. meteors do not travel slowly. they cut through our atmosphere while burning up at thousands of kilometers a second, then they are called meteorites. i don&#39;t know what that was. not a jet either. why did you zoom out when it came into view, instead of zooming in?? i would have followed that forever.

    • I don&#39;t know where they r now, but I do know Fugawi luv spicy funchosa for sure cos just had a dinner with the sister of the cousin of the brother of the uncle of a friend of that lord something and she told me that

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