Fort Mill, South Carolina: Two UFO Videos Astound Observers

Two YouTube videos showing an anomaly involving a UFO left many people baffled even though there isn’t much information about them. They were posted on January 30, 2014 by username Quang Tran with information that they were captured in south of Charlotte, particularly Fort Mill, South Carolina.

The first video shortly shows an illuminated object moving and hovering above nearby houses at early twilight hours. After hovering it appears to be descending straight down and its lights starting to blink at regular intervals.

In the second video, the object is darker in the outside and seems to be back. The mysterious object is flying from right to left and back to the right. It stops and hovers for a while and then all of a sudden it descends at an angle back towards the location that it appears to land in the first video. A commercial airplane is also seen in the second video flying overhead.

The object in the two videos is quite amazing considering its unusual movements. While it could be a drone, no one have come forward to claim responsible for the object. The object is classified as UFO until someone can give its real identity.

The second video is quite interesting than the first one. Watch these amazing YouTube videos and decide for yourself.


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  1. I have seen this same object too. Did you notice the blinking light above the UFO? I have noticed that with what I observed..Very simular.

  2. The first video showed me nothing other than a house and some sky.<br />The second one was slightly better as there was something in thed sky but there was nothing wonderful aout it either. Boring

    • george, u funny..ha ha..just for all your &quot; !!!!!!!!!!!! &quot;…doesn&#39;t matter u think video of houses and a quadrocopter are great..cheers

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