Triangular UFO hovering in the sky above San Antonio in Texas 4-Feb-2014

triangle ufoUFOs 2014 – New footage of a strange craft hovering in the night sky above San Antonio, Texas. This was taken on Tuesday, 4th February 2014.

Witness report: a U.F.O/Drone was captured Traveling over San Antonio,Texas.. ..As it changes its Light Configuration In Mid Flight.
The U.S Government has approved several States for Drones Testing authorizing where unmanned aircraft can be tested for a variety of uses such as for law enforcement, surveillance, atmospheric research and other applications.Texas is On that list…Drone Testing will be conducted at Texas A&M Corpus Christi…..Could this be one of those Drones?……………………………

­….. While Skywatching using a SONY CCD TRV138..I Notice this craft coming in my direction…I grabbed my camera for a closer observation…A began to follow it as it traveled above the houses..At first three light can be observed over the top of the trees..It slowly travels in my direction..At some point it turns its lights On!..Freaking me Out,like it notice me…Short time later it began to change its Light Configuration In Mid Flight..I Was able to captured a few seconds as a Red Pulsating light goes around another light In Mid Flight…(I did not notice this until later Analyzing the video)..Craft continue to travel behind some tree tops and out of sight…First time filming something like this…..In my opinion could be a U.F.O PROBE or TOP SECRET Unmanned Drone…

Author (SAUFOTX @ youtube)

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  1. If these things don't want to be seen, why do they have lights. I saw a Huge UFO, without lights and silent. Had I not been looking up at the time I would never have seen it.

  2. since you say drones are allowed now in texas, that's probably what this is. i think drones are going to be fooling alot of people now.

  3. Why the heck would an alien craft have lights (especially landing lights) at all? If you look at videos of authentic alien craft you will notice the entire craft seems to be lit up as if it's radiated light. Anything else is human made in my opinion.

  4. This is an airplane coming in for a landing. The light configuration changes because it is turning. The lights that come on are landing lights. It's not hovering also, its flying. It figures you were out there looking for a ufo. I guess anything can become an alien probe or a drone if you really want to see one bad enough.

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