Photos From Mars Show UFO Over Its Equator

Photos of a mysterious UFO over the Martian equator have been making rounds in the internet recently. They were allegedly taken by Curiosity rover on the red planet’s surface. A blogger and UFO enthusiast from Scotland, StreetCap1, noticed the unusual aerial object and featured it on his website saying that the UFO appeared to move and seemed to have propellent ejected from its tail.
The blogger, who chooses to remain anonymous, said that StreepCap1 account started after his/her own very close encounter on two occasions that make him/her a believer in intelligent life outside planet Earth.

According to the description made by StreetCap1, the object is not usual for Mars photos as it doesn’t seem to be a dirt, dust or scratch on the lens. The YouTube account added that it looks like NASA has changed its policy towards UFOs and other anomalies as the U.S. independent agency released such photos.

However, John Bridges said he was not convinced. Bridges, who is working with NASA to analyse Curiosity data, said that he has not seen the original image but suspected that it might be one of the moons of Mars.

The object could also be a planet, comet, or man-made satellites. NASA has Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter positioned above the Curiosity to take pictures of the rover from an altitude of over 300 kilometres.

Josh Barker of National Space Centre said that the photos show an object that appears to be flying and it is still unidentified.

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  1. the two things i thought of were said here, and in order too! a moon or a comet.but wouldn't earthly telescopes see the comet?

  2. I'm not impressed, you know we have a couple of our own surveillance satellites orbiting Mars as well. We are the Martians today.

  3. Looks like a break in dark clouds to me. if you look at it expecting to see a UFO like object, you will. But if you look at it as a stormy day, its a well timed photo.

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