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Your UFO reports:25th January – 1st February 2014
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North CA U.S – 28/01/2014
A Parish Minister records this great UFO video and he has no idea what it was!
Witness: Oh my goodness, we have NO IDEA what this is it came STRAIGHT DOWN out of the sky like a Meteor and then started Hovering and just VANISHED! 30 Miles North of Downtown Sacramento! 10 Miles South of Marysville, CA in the NW Sky!


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Beacon Bay, East London, South Africa – 28/01/2014 15:50
I was on the beach with the kids, taking photo’s of them playing, when I saw this amazing cloud that looked like a giant hand covering the sun. I took 3 consecutive photo’s (within 5 seconds) of this. Only the evening when reviewing the photo’s, I saw the little white round object on all three pics. I never once noticed this object at the time. I reviewed pics taken before and after and no white dots are seen in any of them. Could this be a satellite? dirt? or a UFO?


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Raytown, Missouri – 1/16/2014
At 6:05 pm I saw a craft that was about 500-1000 feet above tree tops. It was moving very slowly and a lot of red and white lights on it. The lights were blinking. At first I thought it was an airplane but then I pulled over to a side road and parked where I could watch it. The more I looked at it I realized it was not an airplane or helicopter for there were just too many lights on it and there was no sound.
Then the craft turned sideways and it looked like a triangle with lights at three corners and within the triangle. as the craft was leaving my sight again it changed it’s appearance to what looked like a stick with wings and bright lights on the wings. The night was very windy and was partly cloudy but the craft was well below the cloud base. I had a good view of it. It was coming from the East and heading West in a straight line.
I didn’t take a picture of it as I was afraid to take my eyes off of it long enough to get my phone out for fear of losing sight of it. I viewed this craft for around a minute to a minute and half.
I would really like to know if anyone else saw anything that night. It was so low in the sky I would be surprised if no one saw it. Please email me if anyone else saw this craft.

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Switzerland – 15.12.13

UFO Chur – I have see an Ufo in my Country.


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Red Bull Stratos – Space Jump – 14 October 2012

I was watching the video Red Bull Stratos – Space Jump LIVE Stream Video [FULL] on you tube
and was surprised to see three objects in close proximity come into screen shot. If these are helicopters why so close in formation and why so far away? the objects seem to seperate from tree to four objects but this could simply be the camera moving at a fast rate.
Interesed to know what people think and explain them.
1:08:46 – 48 into video
It only appears for a couple of frames.

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Sheffield UK from my bedroom window pointing north west in direction – It was 2004 very late at night/early in the morning

I have kept this to myself for 10 years now not knowing how to explain or understand what happened to me. I had recently had my first PC set up(behind the times I know) and was sat at my computer up in my bedroom. It is set up next to my north west facing window in west Sheffield UK. I looked out of the window and saw a large orange light in the distance. I got up for a better view and watched it for a few minuets. It was not moving, just sat there in the sky. This is where it gets weird. A green beam of light then instantly shot out from the orange object. The intensity was that of a laser beam that had spirals moving around inside of it(I told you it got weird !) The beam swept from the left across the houses quite fast until it stopped on me. It then switched off in an instant and the orange object started to shrink and then vanished. I was in shock and simply didn’t know what to make of what had happened. I sat down in shock and was totally flustered for a good few hours. I kept looking out of the window to see if it would reappear but it never did.

To this day I have no idea what it was and this is the first time I have told anybody about what happened. I have questioned myself about weather it really did happen or not. Was it a dream. But no. This really did happen to me. I have seen quite a few UFO’s before this sighting over the years,ever since I was a small child. But since this sighting I have seen none at all.

I would love to know if anybody has had similar sightings. I would simply like an answer and to know that I am not insane.

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  1. karen; those dots are the reflection of the sun on your camera lens. if there was no dot there before, it's probably because the cloud was over the sun and absorbed the light hitting your lens. Switzerland; that's a good one! bird? maybe not. Graham; looks like smoke, but strange anyways.

  2. The Sheffield happening was me. All I can say is that this shit is real and actually happened. Now when I think back I have no idea of time. The light hit me and in an instant vanished. I was shocked and dazed and sat down in a total shocked state. I never looked at a clock. I simply sat in my chair and kept looking out of the window every so often still in shock. <br /><br />My god was I taken

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