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Your UFO reports: 1st February – 8th February 2014
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Chicago, IL – 02/08/2014 4:47 PM
I’m sure this is probably nothing but I thought I’d just share it anyway. I was browsing Google maps in the Chicago area and I happened to notice this while looking along the coast area in Satellite mode. There are more smaller, dimmer spots like this one (some in pairs of two) around Lake Michigan. Again, I realize they could be some kind of photographic artifact or they could be nothing at all. I just thought someone out there might find it interesting or could tell me what they might be, since I have seen UFO’s over Lake Michigan many times.

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The MOON, witnessed from Taylors Hill, Victoria, Australia – 8th February 2014, 11.15pm
Massive Triangular UFO descending on the MOON
It is a pleasure to share my latest video, and incredible sighting of what appears to be a Triangular UFO hovering/descending towards the Lunar surface. This footage was taken using a 150mm/1400mm reflector telescope, from the vantage point of my backyard in Taylors Hill, Victoria, Australia. Filmed on the 8th of February 2014, 11.15pm.
Yotube video link:

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Ruskin, FL – 7-Feb-2014
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Toledo, Ohio – Feb 5 2014
Toledo Ohio time 3:15am looked out my window and saw a big red white light sitting like in the air went to get camera and it was gone 3:30 am navy helicopter circled around. Didn’t call anyone because most people think ur crazy ..this happens in point place Feb 5 2014 about 3:15 am

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Oxnard, California – 2/5/14. 2pm
My first thought was a large clear plastic bag or a Kite Floatingabout 100 feet above my head moving like a slow pulse changing size and shape but may be the reflections optical illusion as it slowly apeared to rise it was at ththe horizon Of the stratosphere above los Angeles about 100 miles away. It appeared to be square Changing to triangular. Now I realize the reason it baffled me is the sun was reflecting off the bottom at 2pm the sun is too high for that to happen unless the object is what, at least 100 miles up? clear sky except a few very high strata clouds and smog over LA and the UFO was far above the clouds while going out of my veiw

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Hollister, Ca, USA – 8 pm 02-03-14
This was taken on Monday 02-03-14 in a backyard in Hollister Ca at around 7:30pm( Not sure about time). My roommate and I watched this VIOLET Light for around 1/2 hour before I got my Camera. What we didn’t get on Camera was the Unbelievable stuff. (Of Course) It was dropping straight down…then Zig Zagging like a Laser Pointer was controlling it. I Know … Inconclusive …if anyone has editing tools to zoom in farther… PLEASE DO. This is 6 x30sec clips put together in Movie maker…It was done over 1 hrs time NOT ALL AT ONCE. No creepy Music or Morbid Bible passages were added. The Traffic Sounds are from the street adjacent the back yard and all the CLICKING is me trying to ZOOM in MORE.
Youtube video link:

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Puerto Vallarta, Mx – 2/2/14 5:30 a.m.
I witnessed 5 orange “fireballs” from our 5th floor vacation Condo, which is a northwest corner location on the beach on Los Muertos beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Each traveled single file east to west at a low altitude (500′ approx) and then climbed as would an airplane as it approached the bay at the marina north of us. They were spaced about two – three minutes apart. The first would disappear from sight due to height and distance when the next one entered my vision in the marina. Each appeared to travel in the same general flight path. I can’t speak to engine noise due to the ocean activity. The crafts were not airplanes, balloons, flares, fireworks, or anything else I am familiar with. Each craft appeared to have a light “halo” above it, but this might be due to my “old” binoculars.
I went on line and discovered that the best way for me to describe the crafts is to state that they were identical to a youtube video entitled “6 orange fireball ufp phenomenon”, dated May 2013, in Escondido, California near San Diego.

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Burton in Lonsdale Lancs. UK – January 2014 at 5am
The sky was very clear with many stars. A very large and bright star like object caught my attention as it was so bright and so low. Silver/blue in colour but much much larger than anything else in the sky and much brighter. It was very low, just over the opposite hill. After a while it moved slowly to the right then stopped for a while before moving on again to the right and stopping once more. It then disappeared behind the hill after a few minutes. I watched it for approx. 10 minutes.

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Lecce, Italy – November 18, 2013
On November 18, 2013, a triangular UFO was observed near Lecce nei Marsi (Italy). Fpur persons saw a strange bright object and made a video. Intrigued by the finding, they informed about the video the Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo (C.UFO.M) whose president, dr. Angelo Carannante, has received the interesting video on the mail of official website,, and alerted the specialists of the research center. On official CUFOM youtube channel “CUFOMCHANNEL” it’s possible to find the video about this interesting UFO sighting. News updates and further information about the results of the investigations will be given soon.

The President of the Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo (CUFOM)
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Sesto San Giovanni (Milan) Italy – december 2012
[direct translate from Italian] Subject spherical changeable. It has stationed above the roofs of the adjacent buildings for about a minute, and then disappear at impressive speeds.


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Huntington Beach Pie, California – September 2012

It was taken by me from the Huntington Beach Pier in September 2012.

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  1. david: i didn't see anything "landing" on the moon. what i saw was probably a star way out there in the universe, and the orbit of the rising moon covering it. Eva;that's a very weird looking thing!! Sesto; the thing on the left is something on your lens, but the thing on the right is kind of interesting. Mitch; this was so long ago, what took you so long to post it! it's a

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