Streaking UFO Above A Holiday Resort in UK

Cornwall UFO
A bright object that appears in a photo taken by Michael Potter could be a space UFO. He was in a holiday resort of Mounts Bay when he decided to take photos of amazing cloud formations.

Did Michael Potter captures a proof of extra-terrestrial life?

Amateur photographer Potter was amazed by the great view of the sky and his amazement grew when he noticed that he snapped an anomaly by accident. A Penzance, Cornwall resident, Potter spent some of his free time at seaside holiday resort of Mounts Bay in January 2014.

He just noticed that he captured something strange in photo when he was about to edit the images he already uploaded to his laptop. He noticed an aerial object that seems to streak across the sky. When he saw the uploaded image, he was about to delete it due to the apparent sunspot over part of the image. However, he did not continue to press the delete when he noticed the anomaly on the left of the photograph that seems to show a UFO streaking across the sky.

Potter claimed that he did not make any alteration of the photo. He showed it to his friends and explored everything to identity the object including lens, aircraft illuminated by the clouds and meteorite. However, all of them ruled out all possible identity of the object.

In a closer examination, the object appears to be a triangular shape. The reported UFO is not the first time in the rural coastal area with unidentified flying object sightings have been commonly reported along the coastline of Cornwall.

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