Triangular UFO Photographs Hovering Above Greenville County, South Carolina

A resident from Greenville County, South Carolina claimed to have witnessed and photographed a hovering UFO in triangular shape. The incident was reported to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), filed under Case 51888 and announced in February 11, 2014.

The witness was driving from Greenville and passing Highway 26 around midnight on 27th of October 2013 when he saw a hovering triangle UFO.

He took the two photos while driving in a busy highway wherein no place to stop. He initially thought of a plane from Air Force because the area is where Donaldson Center located. The center in Greenville is the testing and repairing ground for Air Force planes.

However, he could not identify if the UFO was terrestrial or extraterrestrial in origin. He submitted two images with the report to MUFON. He estimated that the object was hovering under 500 feet in altitude.

MUFON investigates interesting event involving UFOs. For this case, state director of MUFON in South Carolina, Cheryl Ann Gilmore, is task to lead the investigation.

Around 842, 853 people are living in Greenville, South Carolina. The state received 15 reports in January 2014, 15th highest reporting state in the nation in which California being the highest with 102 reports.

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  1. I Saw one of these in a little village in South Wales UK, back in 1992, it was just sitting above our house, We looked at it and i dont remember what happened after that, It had Craters on the underside of it, Following day a freind called in and said she had olso seen it in a different part of the area,

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