UFOs & Aliens: the Physical Evidence

Every field has its own terminology so as the Ufology. One of the popular terms used in this field of study is alien implants. When a physical object is placed in human’s body after he has been abducted by aliens, the process is called alien implantation. The supposed implants’ capabilities include biotelemetry, mind control and telepresence. Alien implants, just like UFO subjects in general, has yet to receive enough attention from mainstream scientists.

Peter Rogerson wrote in Magonia magazine that alien implants can be traced back in March 1957 when Long John Nebel radio show had an interview with UFOlogist John Robinson wherein the latter shared a neighbor’s claim of being abducted by extraterrestrials in 1938 and his ears were covered with small earphones to keep him subdued.

Betty Andreasson, a resident in Massachusetts, claimed that aliens abducted her and implanted a device in her nose in 1967. Her story was first publicized in a book titled “The Andreasson Affair,” written by Raymond Fowler. Similar experience was claimed by a Canadian woman Dorothy Wallis in 1983. Claims made by authors such as Whitley Streiber popularized alien abduction ideas in later years, which include reports of strange implants associated with abductions. The book “Abduction: Human Encounters With Aliens” by Dr. John E. Mack reveals that he examined a half to a quarter thin, wiry object delivered to him by a 24-year-old woman client who claimed that it came from her nose after she was abducted by aliens. Californian podiatrist Roger Leir also claimed that he managed to remove alien implants from patients.

Leir is also a ufologist popularly known as alien implants investigator. Lier has already appeared to several television and radio programs talking about ufology.

According to Lier, he already removed around a dozen implants from human bodies. He said that these implants can emit radio signals. He added that the implants have the ability to move by themselves during surgery as if they to keep away from being removed. Lier claimed that laboratory studies about the implants suggest that they are extraterrestrial in origin.

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  1. Abduction cases seem to be essentially reported in U.S. There seems to be a cultural aspect for this, which one cannot explain if there are supposed to be real universal alien manifestations.

    • Clearly, you have not investigated this enough. I have 2,745 cases of abduction in UK and Europe, and have totaled a further 875 cases in South America, 1800 cases in the far east, and 422 cases in South Africa. If you want to talk about this, do some research

  2. The implant in the first frame is much larger than the implants placed in us in the 40's & 50's. Thousands were implanted and had flesh like substance around them. They were the eyes and ears of the intruders. As you grew up and went to work in government or as a cop or what ever, they watched. Five to 12 were the chosen years to be abducted & implanted. The implants are usually 1

  3. Slack Jaws and Meatheads have been invading our territory for decades. Their sweat glands are under used because they never work hard enough to sweat. They drool profusely while smoking cigarettes and spitting on public property. They have little or no money but always enough for another tattoo or a nose or ear ring.

    • your comment means nothing and has nothing to do with the serious subject of ufology! if you have nothing constructive or informative to comment about, please dont comment

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