Australia: Mass UFO Sighting In Gold Coast

Gold Coast – A video that was filmed by Chevron Island local Jack Purcell features what appears like an alien spaceship flying above just near his home on a Thursday night.

He noticed the object with his friends and mother in the front yard. Purcell said his mother was the first one to notice the strange object in the sky. The mother first thought that it was a colourful plane but it came to a sudden stop and hovered. Purcell then ran inside their house and took his video camera.

ufo australiaThe video shows a UFO flashing yellow, blue, red and green colours while hovering over central Gold Coast.

Locals at the area repotedly walking out on the street to watch the object. Police vehicle also stops to observe.

Purcell said a police helicopter was contacted by the police officers to identify the mysterious aerial object. The police chopper tried to come close to the object but the latter turned off its lights and disappeared.

Purcell was sceptical about space UFOs and aliens but their sighting blew his mind. There are comments in his YouTube video saying that it was just a remote controlled drone helicopter but Purcell doesn’t agree with them.

Purcell claimed that he has seen many drone choppers and they are not as big as the UFO they had seen. He said it was really high in the sky and he doesn’t think that somebody just mucking around.

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  1. From the look of it, it looks like a remote controlled "drone" (you know those with 6 rotors, or even 8!) We have seen them on science TV channels, and with flashing coloured lights as this one. So I don't believe this was from out of this world. That's my take.

  2. maybe a toy. it just doesn't sit well with me that a ufo would be all flashy and colorful like this one! but then the people who witnessed it said it took off really fast. i just don't know.

  3. Exactly what we saw,but then turned solid red, and flew over the National Guard also lowered, and then when it flew past sped up towards the South by the mountains. It must have lasted at least 10 min, I think it lowered because of the radar.

    • RC craft can fly as high as their transmitter sends a signal. The average height is 2 miles some with stronger transmitters can go even higher and farther. Since this video was shot from a spectator from a distance, I would bet the RC operator was somewhere below the craft flying it. It stayed in a focused area always in sight. goto YouTube and type in RC craft at night and see for yourself. This

  4. Sorry folks o'l fred can't drive his caddy across the pacific much as he enjoys chasing anomalies… but you gots to know I drove clear up to Spokane to see Gonzaga in the NCAA only to find out they was playing in San Diego…. then I drove to San Diego to to watch San Diego U. play only to find out they was playing at the Spokane arena… The Mrs. was sitting in the rumble seat over the

  5. Patrick: what??? airplane lies for me? Fred; what?? this is a ufo site. who cares about basketball? please talk about ufos, not sausages or the mrs or driving or pink caddies anymore.

    • If you saw my caddy with the mrs. sitting on the rumble seat heading down I-5 listening to sam da sham on the a.m. dial you'd think you just saw some kind a ufo……

    • Ol Fred's just given you something else to comment on. He's not doing any harm. Don't like it, don't read it. Wonderful thing choices.

    • this stupid keeps posting everywhere…looks like this website hasn't any wise master moderating the posts and not allowing the idiots to get in..

    • Folks if there's intelligent life out there I hope they've learned to be understanding, tolerant, compassionate,lovers of good, haters of evil…. and most of all never take life or the problems thereof so seriously they can't find humor and just laugh. There was an old song from the 60's during a turbulent era of social unrest and war much like today, the name of the song &quot

    • u might hope what u want, but think that you might find out that the intelligent life out there isn't so friendly and tolerant, who knows..and about humor, well, there are many ways to make it, some are just nonsense, real humor is also clever stuff, writing a bunch of funny limited nonsense stuff isn't humor in the opinion of most people..most people love peace and fun, but aren't

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